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From:Abduller Mutlaq

To: Amey 

Subject: RE: for 2400 chairs

Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2014 09:46:31 +0000


Dear Amey ,


Thank you very much and appreciate all your support, you are really very professional manager which I like to deal with . I am sure we can do business in a long term.


 Kindly send me the following items now :

1- How many chairs in 20, 40 foot containers we can put.

2-send me the exact specification of your offer and brand name etc.


Appreciate if you can send now by return as I have meeting today to finalize the orders today.


Thank you with best regards


Abduller Mutlaq


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From: "Dave" 
Date: 2013-12-05 08:45:37
To: "Ameylee " 
Subject:  thank you


Dear Amey 
Thank you for the tee-shirts. and merry Christmas to you and your family.
The wheelchairs arrived yesterday and we are very pleased with them. Thank you.
I am looking to order some larger ones in the new year. Can you recommend a model that would suit. These would be for very large people.We will need around 900pcs for the first time.
Thank you once again.
Sincere best wishes.



At 2013-10-24 06:28:46,"Robert Day [CDHHBHB]" wrote:


Thank you Amey 
I have received the documents this morning.
It has been very good dealing with you.
Hopefully we can do more business with you soon.
Official Charity for  Children's Hospital


At 2013-09-05 22:15:23,"Amar"  wrote:

Dear Ms Amey .


Good day . Thank you for your e-mail .


Well I sold the majority of the goods , more than the half of the gas scooter has been sold . you have very good quality . it's the best here in the XXX MARKET .


I will contact you very soon for the next orders . 


By the way I would like to give me the exclusiveness here in xxxxx . what do you think ?


Looking forward to your reply .


Best regards 


Mr  Amar



On 31 June 2013 04:41, Hessa  wrote:



Dear Ms Amey  .


Good day .  How are you ?


I've got the engagement certificate . Thank you so much for your colaboration my friend . I'm so glad to work with you .
I'll contact you soon for the second order .
I will let you know when I recive the goods .


Best regards .


Mr Hessa




Dear Amey, 


How are you doing? I hope you are fine and in a great health! 


We are going though a very difficulty time trying to clear the shipment from customs! It is time consuming and very costly! We also had to buy wheelchairs from local market to cover our needs! All this was caused by a very small mistake! I hope such surprises can be avoided in the future! 


I appreciate the good manners and language from your side! I also can sence the honesty and dedication from your e-mails. Thats why I decided to keep going with your factory! Even though I didn't have the chance to evaluate your product yet!


I have made a deposit for the next orders! A copy of the transaction is attached!I need 12 containers through the next 6 months! three containers as soon as possible, and 2 container every month after that!

All future orders have to be the new footrest! Please inform me!


Best Regards,





Hi Amey,

I have received the wheelchair.Thank you very much.It looks good.

I may have previously mentioned that I am working on a deal with a large organization all the medical and if successful will be requiring wheelchairs to supply.As soon as I hear the result to this tender I will be in a contact with you and advise our next steps forward. I will keep my fingers crossed.


Thank you for your assitatnce thus far.



Owen --- From Australia



Ms. Amey,

Thank you for the compliment. I am also impressed by your professionalism, which I do not encounter everyday, even in the United States.  It is a good thing that you do not have to deal with my counterpart in Luanda.  They have a different business culture there. 

I look forward to doing business with your company in the months to come.



Edwin Trang, President


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